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Dan & Melissa

As an event videographer, I first had the pleasure of meeting Christine and Phyllis at an event I was working.  It was nothing but a complete pleasure.  They were both extremely easy to work with, not only coordinating with me, but with all of the vendors at the event, making sure they were inconspicuously aware of everything that was happening, and staying one step ahead in order to ready themselves to capture each and every aspect of the special day.  It is truly obvious that they genuinely enjoy what they do, as they are always working with a smile.  I can truly say that I have never worked with a photographer that has genuinely enjoyed her job as much as Christine Foster has.

Our first experience with professional photos as a couple was at our engagement shoot with Christine.  She made sure from the very beginning that we were comfortable and helped us choose a location that had meaning to the both of us – the town where we purchased a house.  Her experience became evident from the very beginning when she suggested I get a haircut a few weeks prior to the shoot, rather than the same day – sound personal and professional advice.  That day, she arrived on time with a smile and was so thrilled to be with us and our dog.  The process was seamless, as Christine let us be ourselves while capturing magnificent images.  After a few laughs, glances, and smiles, we quickly would move to the next location.  Each location was completely different, and Christine was able to keep us as the center focal point, while including the location and environment to capture the moment.  When we received the proofs, we couldn’t single out one that we disliked.

For our wedding, one of our concerns was having enough time to take the seemingly endless combination of formal family portraits.  During the planning process, Christine eased our minds with her wedding party and family members “Who’s Who” sheet.  Having never shot at the venue where our event was, Christine took the time to scout out our venue (even at the same time of day our event was to see the lighting) to compile her suggestions of formal and first look photos.

The day of the wedding, Phyllis accompanied myself (the groom), while Christine was at my fiancé’s house to capture formals and “getting ready” shots.  We both had the same great experience, as they both constantly captured these amazing moments. They facilitated both candid and formal photos without anyone even realizing it was happening.  Christine and Phyllis’ teamwork was evident when they coordinated with each other, ensuring that our separate arrivals to the venue were timed perfectly so we could properly set-up our “first look” photographs.  After this was accomplished, we moved onto formal portraits.  Christine and Phyllis were like a well-oiled machine, happily moving family members in and out of the photographs to capture every possible combination, while taking extra care to our requests.  It was amazing to see how they could cajole our often times stubborn family without once seeming pushy or overbearing.  They both were always aware of their surroundings – Christine was placing family members in order for a formal portrait, and Phyllis captured the priceless image of my nephew waiting patiently in the corner with a pile of candy.

Following the formal portraits, Christine and Phyllis guided us around the beautifully manicured grounds of our venue, which they scouted out a few weeks prior to the event, taking full advantage of the scenery and setting. They also made sure we were comfortable and out of sight of the arriving guests.

Once our event began, Phyllis and Christine blended in with our guests.  They were so unassuming and unobtrusive, that we and our guests were able to enjoy our event without us having to constantly “look here, tilt your head, move your hand,” and without our guests having to peer around the photographer that was always in the way.  Christine and Phyllis were inconspicuous – taking positions to capture perfect images of us and our guests without being noticed.  They were also able to capture every detail of our event and venue – from the table seating board, to the décor, table set-ups and desserts!  We were so glad to see all the desserts that were displayed, as we seemed to have missed them that night!

Before we knew it, we were able to pick up our proof book and digital images.  We could not believe that there was not one image we did not like.  So many great images were captured, we instantly were transported back to that day.

Our next task was to choose our favorites for our custom photo album.  It was such an impossibility to narrow down the images. Because so many were our favorites, we ended up adding extra pages to our album.

When the album arrived, it was like another wonderful gift!  The beautiful leather-bound book with our custom imprinting on the cover opened up to a perfectly designed book of memories.  The time and care that they put into the design of the album is evident, as the album so beautifully tells the story of our day.  At each and every family event this year, we brought out this album. Everyone’s reaction is always the same – they are simply amazed at not only the photographs taken, but also the beautiful design and layout of the piece as a whole.

We were so thrilled to have Christine and Phyllis capture the images of our very special day.  They were always so pleasant and relaxed which made us feel at ease throughout the whole day.  They were able to capture each moment and detail perfectly while remaining unobtrusive and inconspicuous.  It is apparent that they are not only experienced professionals, but truly enjoy what they do!

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